Group Fitness Classes

  • Monday 6.30am Albert Park Beach (30 mins)
  • Tues 6.15pm Online (45 mins)
  • Sat 9.15am Elwood Primary (45 min)

Want to move your body, build strength and have some laughs with a fun group, in an environment where you’re encouraged to go at your own pace? Try these outdoor and online group fitness classes – they’re not really a bootcamp (there’s no shouting, for a start), but you’ll definitely get fit!

Join us for:

  • Fun classes with great people, plenty of attention to technique and exercise options to suit your unique body and fitness level
  • Energising workouts to get you strong and feeling awesome!
  • A body positive, weight-inclusive atmosphere (no negative body talk, no discussion of diets or weight loss)
  • A friendly female personal trainer running the sessions (all genders and fitness levels are welcome!). You’re welcome to bring kids along too (no charge for under 16s)

Classes are $25 each and you can come as you are, whether you’re already active, just starting out (or returning), working around an injury, full of beans or feeling sluggish – it’s my job to meet you where you are so you can choose the movement option that works for you on each particular day.

I’m pelvic floor aware, eating disorder and trauma informed – and would love to share a positive experience of movement with you.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact me here and I’ll send you the info sheet 🙂