Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

8.30am Saturdays in Elwood (currently online via Zoom!)

Want to move your body, build strength, get some fresh air and have some laughs with a fun group, in an environment where you’re encouraged to go at your own pace? Try these small outdoor group fitness classes – they’re not really a bootcamp (there’s no shouting, for a start), but you’ll definitely get fit!

Join us for:

  • Small, fun classes with great people, plenty of attention to technique and exercise options to suit your unique body and fitness level
  • Energising workouts to get you strong and start your day feeling awesome!
  • A body positive, weight-inclusive atmosphere (no negative body talk, no discussion of diets or weight loss) – we’re here to feel good about our bodies, at every size and shape and ENJOY exercising
  • A friendly female personal trainer running the sessions (all genders and fitness levels are welcome!). You’re welcome to bring kids along too (no charge)
  • Varied sessions, including strength, cardio, boxing, core and mobility and some fitness games just for fun

Classes are $99 for a pack of 4 x 45 min classes.

Health care card holders can access subsidised places

If you’d like to join or receive the info pack, please contact me here!