Pages I love

Keen to dip a little further into the world of body positivity, HAES and self care? These are some of my favourite websites:

Find a HAES healthcare practitioner in Australia:

Find a HAES healthcare practitioner internationally:

UNTRAPPED online program – break free from diet culture, in community


Further reading on the Health at Every Size approach:

Practitioners I know and trust:

Body Positive Australia (Dietics, yoga, psychotherapy)
Zest Nutrition (Dietitics)
Choose Nutrition (Dietitics)
HAES Health (Dietitics)
Move and Be Free (Personal training, martial arts)
Eat in Peace (Dietitics)
Mind Body Well (Psychology, dietitics)

Body Image Therapist (Art therapy)

Jodie Arnot Counselling (Counselling)

Love What You Eat (Dietitics)

Bonus section:

My friend’s candle shop!

My drum teacher!