• Rethinking movement

    A collaborative approach to meeting your movement needs

  • Fitness for all bodies

    Let’s work together to explore movement from a place of self care

Hi I’m Shelley and I’ve been a body positive personal trainer for over 10 years, over which time I’ve come to learn a lot about the ways people get stuck, and unstuck, when it comes to making movement a regular, self compassionate, balanced and enjoyable part of their life.

If you’ve wasted money on gym memberships you haven’t used, if you’ve stuck at things for a few weeks then stopped altogether, if you’ve been beating yourself up about your fitness or activity levels, or if you’ve had bad experiences with exercise – you are far from alone, and it’s not your fault. The way we’ve been taught to think about fitness keeps us stuck in a revolving door of 8 week challenges, new years resolutions, bad body image and self blame.

If you’re ready to do things differently and feel good about movement, let’s chat.

You already know a lot about yourself and your unique body and life, so whether you’re working around injuries, chronic pain, caring responsibilities or anything else, I will listen to and believe you, and help you figure out ways to make movement work for you.

I am based in Melbourne, but work online with people right across Australia, as well as working with locals in my home studio in Werribee. Let’s have a chat and get started.