I started training with Shelley about a year ago, to improve my fitness.  I hadn’t worked out regularly for a very long time and going to gym makes me very anxious, I’m not a person that likes to work out in front of others.  I have since seen Shelley twice a week for sessions since then.  I really enjoy training with Shelley, we change it up constantly and I actually look forward to training even though I might be sore for a few days after.   I haven’t enjoyed exercise in a very long time but now I do.

I have quite low self-esteem when it comes to my body but training with Shelley has helped me gain strength both physically and mentally.  I have noticed I am physically stronger and yes my muscles have grown! (proud girl moment) and I walk away from our sessions feeling happy and confident.   Shelley has made me feel like I am enough the way I am, and I don’t need to be a size 6 to be healthy and strong.

– J, 29

“Last December I broke my ankle and leg. After the surgery getting back to walking was quite a challenge. I decided I needed help with strengthening my ankle and legs. Shelley was recommended to me so earlier this year I started sessions with Shelley. Shelley has been great to work with. She is able to correct my posture during the workouts and her knowledge of physiology has allowed her to tailor a program to suit my needs. Shelley gets the balance right between encouraging me and getting the best out of me. There have been days where I have just not been up for too much and Shelly has always adjusted the session to suit my needs. I like the variety, and fun, that Shelley brings to each session and over time the exercises have evolved with my increasing abilities.”

-Jascha, 50

I’ve trained with five other personal trainers over the last decade who all focused on weight loss and body measurements – I never actually lost any weight while training with them, and I usually got bored after about 5 sessions.

When I started training with Shelley two years ago I was pretty fit, so I was seeking a challenging and interesting workout. I also wanted to improve my boxing skills. She really helped me recognise that exercising is not about meeting goals or losing weight – it’s about enjoying movement, relieving stress and feelin’ good. Shelley’s workouts are challenging when you want challenging, and compassionate when you need compassion. I still look forward to my weekly sessions with Shelley and can honestly say, every week it is FUN, tailored to what I feel like doing and never, ever judgmental.

Plus I’m now super confident with my boxing skills – she’s really very good at boxing!

I would recommend Shelley as a personal trainer to anyone at any fitness level, but especially to anyone who gets bored of personal trainers quickly.

-Emily, 34

Shelley is the first trainer or gym that has kept me going for over 2.5 years. Never judges me when I’m in a non exercise mood. Always accepts that I will do as much as I can on any given session. Encourages me, cajoles me, occasionally pushes me, never lets me feel bad about my fitness level so therefore I keep coming back.

-Rhonda, 57

Shelley has a professional understanding of a longstanding injury and its impact on my training capacity. This combined with her personal experience with injury and recovery enabled Shelley to modify standard exercises to help me build confidence and endurance. It is also very pleasing that she took the time to make sure I maintained correct posture to get the maximum benefit of each exercise and to avoid further injury. Shelley was able to gain a quick assessment of my overall fitness and offered a progressive plan that I could follow in my own time. I highly recommend Shelley as a personal trainer, no matter what level of fitness you are at or your particular goals. Shelley incorporates running, boxing, resistance training and body weight training. She is very patient, understanding, thorough and motivating. You can be confident that your needs and interests will be taken into account and you will go away with a new set of skills and increased fitness.

-Nim, 51

I’m really unfit and was nervous about seeing a personal trainer, so Body Positive Health and Fitness appealed to me as somewhere to build up the basic skills in a more personal environment. Training with Shelley is actually fun – she knows what I can and can’t do and has created a program that can be increased each week to push me further. After a month of training with Shelley I’m already feeling more confident about what my body can do and looking forward to gaining more fitness and strength.

I would recommend Body Positive Health and Fitness to anyone who isn’t sure where to start. Shelley is motivating and positive and really knows what she’s talking about!

-Alison, 32

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