Do you only work with women?

Although 70% of my clients are women, I work with people of all genders!

How old are you and what age groups do you work with?

I’m 39 and work with people of all ages – from children through to older adults.

What if I’m really unfit? 

That’s totally okay! We will start where you are and build up slowly. I want to work with you, so we’ll keep communicating about how the sessions are feeling and what level of challenge you feel ready for.

What if I want to lose weight?

Rather than focussing on weight and aesthetics, I work with people to focus on increasing their strength, fitness and energy levels, building a positive relationship with physical activity and moving towards improved body image and health.

I believe that no matter what size or shape you are, you can make more of a positive impact on your health by practicing healthy behaviours that align with your values and take your unique circumstances into account (eg engaging in regular physical activity, eating nourishing foods, making time for social connection etc), than by focussing on the number on the scale or the size of your pants.

If you want to learn more about Size Inclusive healthcare, or find other Australian practitioners from a variety of health fields, you can do so here

Can you help me with nutrition?

I can give you general nutrition guidance in line with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and provide you with resources to find out more about intuitive/mindful eating. I can also recommend some great resources for learning more about fuelling your body before and after exercise, nutrition in general and why diets don’t work.

It’s outside the professional scope of practice for registered personal trainers to provide meal plans or personalised¬†nutrition advice, but I can refer you to one of my network of brilliant “Non-Diet” dietitians so that you know you’re getting information from someone who is university qualified in this area and not just trying to sell you a quick fix!

Can we arrange a consult session?

Absolutely! Please call me (Shelley) on 0435 129 332 or email