About Me


Hi I’m Shelley! (She/her) I pride myself on being far from your typical personal trainer. I love empowering people (whether they’re the naturally sporty kind or not!) to become more physically active, fit and strong and to enjoy the process, while improving their body image and self compassion. I use a Health at Every Size®/Non Diet Approach and love seeing the change it can make in people’s lives.

I started Body Positive Health & Fitness eight years ago, and am also part of the steering committee for HAES® Australia, have been a sessional presenter for The Butterfly Foundation, a guest lecturer for the Australian Fitness Academy, was involved in the fitness industry focus group for Eating Disorders Victoria, and am working with some wonderful people to make the fitness industry a more inclusive place for people of all shapes, sizes, abilities and more.

I’ve also got a background in boxing and MuayThai, in case you’d like to learn those skills!

Oh, and I’m fully vaccinated and take Covid safety seriously.

I love my work and I’d love to meet you and see how we can work together to find a way for you to enjoy moving your body and feel great in your own skin. You can get in touch with me here