April 12, 2019

Movement doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Being physically active is useful for a lot of different mental and physical health conditions, but sometimes it’s not physically or mentally possible to follow the intensity or volume that’s recommended, and this can get in the way of us moving at all AND make us feel even more defeated.

I get it. If I’m depressed, I know being active will help but when having a shower is hard, going for a walk can be insurmountable.

A kindness you can do for yourself is to do what you can.

If you’ve been told that, for example, 30 minutes of vigorous exercise would help your condition, but you can’t manage 30 minutes right now, remember that 30 seconds is still better than no seconds. Gentle is better than not at all.

Moving your body around on the couch is better than nothing. Walking to another room and back is better than nothing. A halfassed effort is better than nothing.

It does not have to be all or nothing. A little bit is still good.