Pages I love

Keen to dip a little further into the world of body positivity, HAES and self care? These are some of my favourite websites:

Find a Health at Every Size aligned healthcare practitioner in Australia:

Find a HAES healthcare practitioner internationally:

UNTRAPPED online program – break free from diet culture, in community


Further reading on the Health at Every Size approach:

Practitioners I know and trust:

Body Positive Australia (Dietics, yoga, psychotherapy – Melbourne/online)
Zest Nutrition (Dietitics – NSW)
Choose Nutrition (Dietitics – NSW)
Move and Be Free (Personal training, martial arts – Melbourne)
Eat in Peace (Dietitics – Melbourne/Online)
Mind Body Well (Psychology, dietitics – honestly everyone who works here is great. Melbourne but telehealth available)

Body Image Therapist (Art therapy – Melbourne/online)

Jodie Arnot Counselling (Counselling – Melbourne/online)

Love What You Eat (Dietitics – Melbourne – Online)

This is by no means a complete list, so if you’d like a recommendation, send me an email with some info and I’d be happy to give you some suggestions of great people in your area.

Bonus section:

Two of my friends have candle shops!

Gifts with Meaning


My amazing online drum teacher!