August 30, 2019

If you need to take some time off training, please read this

A few of the lovely people I train are sick or overwhelmed with other life stuff at the moment, and I GET IT – as a fellow human, I have phases like that too, we all do.

Being active is always waiting for us when we’re ready, if we want it, but we need to give ourselves and our bodies the chance to be calm and well, not run ourselves into the ground. Responding to our needs with kindness and care is something we can all practise.

It is ALWAYS ok to take a break or lighten things up. There are some times we need to rest, or to attend to other priorities, or to spend time on our relationship with movement, or when we really just don’t want to – and a #noexcuses approach is the antithesis of wellness and caring for our bodies or our mental health.

[Image text reads: consider that being active can be a lifelong endeavor. If you need to take some time off to recover, give yourself what you need. There is no rush.]