February 2, 2020

In favour of half-assing it

If being more active this year is something that’s important to you, consider adding the option of half-assing things into your toolbox! Hear me out…

If you have to give it 100% all of the time, what happens when you’ve already given 100% at work or getting your kids out of the house or having that difficult conversation with your friend or you’re running on 60% because you slept badly last night or have had a rough day… do you either have to grit your teeth to dig deep for another full on effort, or scrap moving for the day altogether? You can, if you want to, and either of those choices are fine and there’s a time and place for each – but you can also consider the third option of just half assing it in the name of consistency and getting some movement in that feels good and gives you a boost.

If you’re going to half ass it, don’t half ass on technique or safety, but do half ass on intensity or weights or speed or distance or time spent. Think of half ass days as a tool in your toolkit for when you just want to keep things ticking over, and use as necessary.

I love that there is always the option to half ass it at my classes, no questions asked, because it means that people can turn up and move without having to commit to doing all of the suggested exercises if they’re feeling somewhere between taking a day off and putting in an effortful session – which also means that when they put in a full effort, that’s a free and empowered choice too. It means that people can check in with how they’re feeling and adjust their movement accordingly, and that’s a good habit and skill to develop!

The option of half assing it is the unsung hero of the movement options toolbox!