June 11, 2019

On working together

I learn as much as I can about how bodies work, but I’ll never know it all AND the exercise research we have is usually done on populations that don’t represent everyone AND every individual body is a bit different… so while I am continually learning as much as I can, the best partner I have for figuring out how to help your body move well is YOU, because you can tell me how things feel in your body, what has and hasn’t worked before, what different sensations mean to you etc and together we can figure a lot of cool stuff out.

Ultimately I’m there to guide you, share some things that I’ve learned and give you ideas/suggestions, but you’ll always be in the driving seat, and that’s how it should be.

The more you can trust me to listen and the more I can trust you to communicate what’s going on in your body, the better we can work together. That takes time, and I count it as a huge privilege for me to be a part of that, both of us learning together.