February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy Valentines day loverrrrrss! Whether you’re single or in a romantic relationship or somewhere in between, here are five nice, inexpensive, relaxing things you can do for yourself this weekend (or someone else if you’re so inclined, but seriously, do them for yourself too!):

1. Run a bath. They’re awesome, and you’re kind of forced to just lie there and relax. Add some essential oils and light some candles and just unwind. Well worth making time for. If you don’t have a bath, well, a beer in the shower is also very relaxing

2. Buy yourself flowers! There’s something really kickass about choosing yourself a lovely bouquet of flowers and having them brighten up your house. I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do this. If you can’t afford to buy them make friends with someone with a garden (Hi Mum!)

3. Home made pita bread pizzas and a movie on the couch – that’s what we’re doing at our house tonight! – easy, fairly healthy, and YUM

4. Play your favourite music and light some candles. Yeah, candles again, but seriously, you just try to be stressed out with candles on. Can’t happen! And they make your home look super pretty and feel super home-y.

5. Go for a leisurely stroll at sunset. Walking is such an underrated exercise, probably because it’s free and most people can do it and it’s not exxxttreeeeeeeemmeeee, but that’s exactly why it’s really great. Bonus: nice conversation or ipod music or enthusiastic pet, lovely views and fresh air!