July 27, 2014

Online Coaching

What do you get?
  • A free initial one on one meeting (in person or via skype) with me to help me get to know your goals, movement patterns, strengths, challenge areas, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, current fitness levels, medical history and schedule.
  • Daily challenges sent to you via facebook that help you get fitter and healthier. Most days these will be a bite-sized workout program, but some days they will be related to healthy body image, good nutrition or even relaxation
  • Accountability – I’ll expect you to email me back each day to let me know that you’ve completed your challenge so I can follow up with suggestions if you’re getting stuck
  • Support – Got questions? Need ideas? Want to make changes to your challenges (maybe you’re feeling extra energetic, or maybe you need an easier week because you’re extra busy with the kids?) No problem! I will be your personal coach through this process!
Online fitness coaching


What won’t you get?
  • Challenges that are too hard or overwhelming – everything is designed to be easy to incorporate into your current lifestyle without making any major changes
  • Diets, meal plans or supplements – I will only ever give you straightforward suggestions of small changes you can make to find yourself eating healthier foods more often.
Why can I help you?
  • I’m a fully qualified personal trainer who’s been gone from unfit to fit herself and understands the challenges of making lifestyle changes as well as how amazing it feels to turn your life around.
  • I use a “Health at Every Size” approach, which means that I believe that it’s more important to focus on adopting healthy behaviours, such as eating nourishing food and engaging in enjoyable movement than on what you weigh, and that no matter what your body size and shape is, you’re already ready to take steps to become fitter and healthier – no need to lose weight before you begin.
  • You can read more about me here
What does it cost?

$25 per week, pay as you go – no contracts!

How do I get started?

Get in touch with me here

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