October 18, 2016

Coping with Injuries

Injuries… let’s be honest they suck! But bodies are not infallible and accidents do happen. While we can do our best to avoid injuries, and to figure out why they happened so that we can hopefully reduce the risk of them recurring in future, when you’ve got one, it’s pretty common to be down in the dumps about it.

That’s a totally okay reaction to have – but try not to add to your pain by giving yourself a hard time as well. It’s easy (okay, easier) to be kind to yourself when things are going well, but trickier when they’re not – but you can practice. Even if you can’t train right now – this is one practical thing you CAN do.

Practice showing yourself understanding and compassion. Be kind to yourself, and talk kindly to yourself too. Acknowledge that this is a hard time for you. Make yourself comfortable. Take care of yourself and let yourself heal. Get yourself the appropriate treatment. Be diligent in your rehabilitation from a place of self care. Be gentle with yourself if you get frustrated. Remember that you’re not alone in having an experience like this. Show yourself the level of care you’d show to someone very precious to you. Practice, practice.

Injuries can be demoralising, but they can also be an opportunity to practice understanding and self-compassion in the face of frustration or regret - and that's a pretty powerful skill to work on.

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