June 26, 2017

My anniversary

Body Positive Health & Fitness is now four years old!

Woo-hoo! Facebook just reminded me that Body Positive Health & Fitness is officially four years old! What a ride it’s been! When I first told people I wanted to start a personal training business that wasn’t about weight loss or aesthetics, a number of well meaning folks expressed concern as to whether it would be viable. Hell, I was nervous about how it would be received, but it was really important to me to be the change I wanted to see etc.

It was a delight to find out that I was not alone – there are loads of awesome people working in this space! And of course, loads of amazing people who put their hearts and souls into their work well before I came along, so that someone like me could discover this philosophy in the first place.

I was lucky to be supported along the way by some amazing colleagues in the HAES and Non Diet world who have become treasured friends and mentors, and I’ve been so, so fortunate to work with such lovely clients, who want to take care of their health and get strong and have fun without it being about the way they look or how much they weigh. We’ve had countless laughs and been through all kinds of things together, as tends to happen when you see people once or twice or three times a week over time, and I’ve made some beautiful friendships. I’ve seen people do some amazing things, and been inspired over and over. The people I work with are what makes my job worth doing, every single day. I am in absolute gratitude.

I’ve seen a gorgeous little community grow in my group classes and I’ve had the priveledge of interacting with so many awesome people online through this page as well – thank you all for reading along and offering your feedback and sharing things and generally just being awesome. It’s lovely to have the chance to write about the ideas that are important to me and know that I’m part of a greater community.

I really appreciate everyone that’s been a part of this journey. My heart is pretty well full right now.

Xx Shelley – and my new cat, Mr Evil – who doesn’t really like having his photo taken 😉

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