April 9, 2018

On how we view bodies and health…

We tend to look at health and bodies through a collective cultural lens that takes longer to adjust than our scientific understanding does. This means that despite everything we know about sun damage and skin cancer, a suntan still “seems” to make a person look healthy, we still tend to think that massage works by “releasing” knots or trigger points, even though scans have failed to show the existence of these and the actual mechanism of action is still poorly understood, we still tend to assume that it’s healthy and effective to undertake weight loss dieting, despite what the long term research has shown time and time again, and so on.

It’s OK and normal to have knee-jerk internal thoughts and responses that are informed by this cultural lens but important to practice critical thinking in order to start shifting it and not let it influence our behaviour at the expense of our health and well being – or that of others.