November 22, 2015

Self Care – A reminder of what you deserve.

Self CareAlways remember:

You deserve to have your needs met just as much as anybody else.

You deserve to treat yourself as well as you treat others.

You deserve to have the time to recharge yourself and make your dreams come true.

You deserve kindness, compassion and care as much as anyone else.

You deserve to treat yourself gently.

You deserve to do things just because you enjoy them.

You deserve to take care of your health and make yourself a priority.

You deserve to ask for help and support.

You deserve to surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel good and make you laugh.

You deserve to learn how best to soothe and calm yourself when you need to.

You deserve to celebrate your successes and your efforts.

You deserve to show people how to make you feel loved and to stop spending time with people who aren’t enthusiastic about doing that.

You deserve to care for yourself like you are precious and worthy and good, especially when you don’t feel like you are. You deserve to surround yourself with people who treat you like you are precious, good and worthy too.

You deserve making yourself a sanctuary of self care behaviours to help you weather any storm. You deserve help in doing that if you’re not sure how.

You deserve to have boundaries and people who respect them.

You deserve the right to say no, and yes and let me think about it.

Self-care is not just self indulgence. It is self-preservation, self-respect and refilling your cup so you can share with others. Everyone, literally everyone, deserves that.


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