September 23, 2015

Meal plans?

Some of the “meal plans” I’ve been seeing on Facebook lately have calorie allowances so low that it would be both illegal and unethical to give so little sustenance to prisoners of war in accordance with the Geneva Convention (seriously)…

You, and all humans, deserve to enjoy eating enough food to thrive, IRRESPECTIVE of your weight or shape or what you ate yesterday.

Deprivation is not kindness. Be kind to yourself. Seriously question anyone who is handing out blanket meal plans without a) knowing anything about you and/or b) appropriate qualifications. I’ve seen a few that are part of “detoxes” and 8 week challenges etc and they’re horrific.

Restricting your energy supply is NOT going to be “cleansing your body”. It’s going to be draining it. You deserve better.

If you DO need a bit of guidance with your food intake, rather than shelling out on the latest food plan or detox, make an appointment with a dietitian or university-qualified* nutritionist who can give you proper personalised advice.


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