February 21, 2016

The point of Health is JOY

So at MY personal healthiest weight (ie the weight I tend to be at when I am eating in a relaxed and flexible way but still taking nutrition into account, and where I am exercising in a way that I enjoy but also getting plenty of time for rest and social activities, and where I am generally enjoying my life and lifestyle) I have a little pot belly. At YOUR personal healthiest weight you might not. Or you might have a lot more belly. Who knows?

Rather than deciding what your healthiest weight “should” be (usually people think it’s a magical 5kg lighter for some reason, or where they take on a completely different shape), it’s a whole lot more helpful to be curious about whether there are any changes you can make in your life to be doing more healthful activities AND having more fun. You DO NOT need a scale to calculate this. You DO NOT need calipers or a dexa scan or anything along those lines.

As far as I’m concerned, the whole point of health is so that I can *enjoy* my life. So enjoyment has to be factored into any decisions about my lifestyle and weighing up of my health. I’m not taking care of my health as a status symbol or some kind of attempt at proving that I’m a worthwhile or attractive person. I’m taking care of my health so that I can do fun things with fun people and generally live as full a life as possible. That’s what guides me.

What about you?

Surely the point of health is joy-

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