September 23, 2015

The truth!

I spend a lot of time disappointing people. But it’s not my job to tell people what they want to hear or what will sell more sessions, it’s my job to tell the truth. So no, you can’t choose which area of your body to burn fat from. Yes, you really do need to include rest days no matter what. No, training every single day is not a good way to start a sustainable exercise program. No, weight loss dieting doesn’t work long term and you’ll probably gain even more weight in the long run by trying it. No, I won’t write you a meal plan (I’m not a dietitian and you probably don’t need one anyway). No, there are no exercises that make your muscles “longer and leaner”. No, not all exercises or programs are safe or appropriate for every person. No, it’s probably not a good idea to jump straight into advanced exercises. No, what’s holding you back from wearing “that” outfit isn’t actually your body shape.

The good news? Yes, you can find ways to love exercising and stick at it. Yes, you can improve your health, no matter what happens with your weight, by getting active. Yes, you can improve your mood and lower your blood pressure and find it easier to carry the groceries/kids/hiking equipment/furniture. Yes, you can improve your mobility. Yes, you can move with less pain. Yes, you can improve your posture. Yes, you can help your heart work more efficiently. Yes, you can feel more confident. Yes, you can get faster and more coordinated. Yes, you can do something helpful for your bone density. Yes, you can improve your balance. Yes, exercising really can be fun and satisfying. Yes, you can improve your body image. Yes, you really can do it.

I think the real story is actually far better than the false promises!

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