September 23, 2015

What to do if your pants get too tight

Today I put on some pants and they were a bit too tight. So this is what I’m going to do:

1. Get a new pair of pants
2. Fold up this pair of pants at the back of the cupboard so that only the stuff I feel good in right now is at the front
3. Keep eating mostly nutritious food that I enjoy
4. Keep doing exercise that I enjoy
5. Remember that it’s normal for body shapes to fluctuate a bit and that I influence my health by the healthy habits I keep, not by the size of my pants
6. Get on with my day

This is what freedom from negative body bullshit and self-monitoring looks like – and I can tell you it’s possible, worth it and feels amazing.


  1. Janey

    Just found you after googling “body positive training” – super excited to see that someone like you exists in Australia 🙂 I just started training remotely with some trainers in the states, and am considering doing a PT course myself. This is definitely the kind of thing I think the fitness industry needs.

    – your new follower in Perth.

    • Awww yay! Great to have you here! There are some other awesome body positive fitness people here too! In Melbourne, a few to check out are
      Chris from Move and be Free
      Jodie from A Healthy Paradigm
      A different Jodie from Healthy Balance Fitness

      And in Perth, my gal Kerry is a nutritionist, speaker and health coach at HAES Health

      We’re all on facebook, you should totally hit us up. Definitely we could use more body positive people! I did my PT course with Australian Fitness Academy – happy to help if you have any questions 🙂
      xx Shelley

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