June 7, 2016

Your fitness doesn’t define your worth

One of the downsides of “fitness culture” becoming more mainstream is how easy it can be to view fitness as a barometer of worthiness. It’s not. The truth is, you’d be a worthwhile person even if you never exercised again!

A healthy relationship with exercise means exercising because it feels good, you enjoy it, it improves your health, enhances your life and makes moving easier or you enjoy learning a skill.

A relationship with exercise that may be less healthy is one that causes you stress if you miss a session, where you exercise even when you feel unwell, or one where you feel compelled to do things to get a sense of safety that if only you were “fit” enough, then you’d be “ok”.

If you’re in the latter category, talking to a mental health professional can help you get back in touch with your values and what you value about yourself – so that exercise can be something that adds joy to your life again, and isn’t something you use to try to prove yourself.

You don’t need to prove yourself. Your value is not in your appearance OR your abilities. It’s in being a human being – just like the rest of us.

Text reads: your worth is not defined by what you look like, the exercise you do, or how fit you are. You are already, and always, worthy.

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